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EnFact Pty Limited is a multi discipline services solutions provider, which is highlighted in the following list:


  • Mechanical & Electrical Services
  • Energy Conservation Programs
  • Sustainable Solution
  • Fire Service
  • Fit Out & Project Management
  • Planned Programmed Maintenance
  • Technical Advisory Services
  • Environment Health & Safety Strategies
  • ABGR & Commissioning Agent
  • Project Management Services
  • Strategic Solutions Planning
  • Compliance Management Services
  • Risk Management Services

By employing 'EnFact Designed Solutions' ('EDS Program') to all or any of the above we can ensure that the net result will bring to the building owner and operator alike, confidence that their facility is operating at the optimum it can under the prevailing circumstances.

In many cases the bundling of the more than one service under one management program can and often does bring economies that would not always be possible. An 'EDS Program' looks at all of the variables and in consultation with the building owner and/or operator, chooses and implements the best and most practical options.

By employing EnFact, you are taking the first step to a new and better solution through the applications that the EnFact strategic network allows. We are not tied to corporate regimes, which can be myopic. We take the wider view and we do not get bogged down on which department or business unit should get the credit. Our single objective is to get the best option on the table for our customers.