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Company Profile

EnFact Pty Limited is a totally owned and operated Australian company, which has its head office in Sydney Australia.

With roots in the property industry, experience is drawn from over 20 years of participation in areas from design, construction and the servicing of multi-level buildings across the spectrum of commercial, retail and industrial facilities.

We bring together those resources necessary to effect above-average commercial outcomes which takes into consideration all of the stakeholders involved. Whether it is a small facility for one operator or that of a single entity, multi-site customer, we approach the exercise with the same amount of enthusiasm and professionalism.

Over the years we have interfaced with some of the most experienced and innovative building service practitioners in the industry. Today we now call these people our networking colleagues, who we engage from project to project, adding value only when needed. These people manage costs by not burdening our customers with unrealistic overheads.

As a consultancy, we bring to the market place a unique offering that is focused and prepared to go the extra distance in bringing the correct and most cost-effective outcome to our relationships.